The art of controlling your prospects purchasing habits through marketing.

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Learn the importance of strategies to stopping your audience in their tracks.

VALUE: $299



Learn tips and tricks on hooking your audience into reading/watching the rest of your posts/ads.

VALUE: $299


Learn how to keep your audience's attention even though you only have 3 seconds to work with.

VALUE: $299


Learn the strategies to make sure your audiences stays to watch/read the whole post or ad.

VALUE: $299


Learn the tips and tricks to build trust in your audience through building your authority.

VALUE: $299


Learn how to turn your audience into prospects that are quality leads for your business.

VALUE: $299


Learn when to offer things for free or to have a loss leader, and how to use them effectively.

VALUE: $299


Learn how to close your customers by giving them an offer that they would feel stupid passing up.

VALUE: $299


Learn the top tips and tricks to command your customer to doing what you want.

VALUE: $299



Learn the best techniques on how to upsell, therefore increasing your ACV and LTV.

VALUE: $299


Learn how to still increase your ACV and LTV even when a customer turns down your upsell.

VALUE: $299


Learn the top tips and tricks to increasing your return customer results.

VALUE: $299


Learn how to effectively start a "street team" through affiliates and referrals increasing your LTV.

VALUE: $299



Learn tips and tricks on how to keep your customer coming back for more increasing your LTV.

VALUE: $299


Learn the importance of offering subscription models and how to increase your LTV with them.

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This course will be valuable for you if you can relate to these pain points:

  • There is an overwhelming amount of information out there both paid and free about how to market your business, but no clear direction on where to start. 
  • You have wonderful ideas on a business that is needed, but no clue on how to even begin to tell people about it. 
  • You have paid for courses, or coaches to teach you how to market your business, but after completion you ended up more confused than when you started. 
  • You keep getting burned over and over again by “marketing companies” that have taken 1 course in their life, and then went to Legal Zoom and started a “company”. 
  • You have spent countless hours watching YouTube content over and over again, trying to learn how to market your business, but yet you still have no idea where to start?
  • With marketing being the IT WORKS of the virtual world, it’s hard to know who actually knows what they are doing, and not just someone’s cousin that did it one time, and is now selling it. 
  • Frustration creeps in when there isn’t a well lit path. Marketing being one of the darkest streets to walk down, the challenge is finding the right person to walk with you that has been down that path before. 

Have you failed at this before?


I am guessing for a lot of you that this is not your first workshop, masterclass, webinar, or whatever you want to call it. The first thing I want to mention is that if you have ever failed at breaking through that 7 figure glass ceiling before, and haven't, it's not your fault. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing, that information overload can keep you from success, and it’s ok. 

This stuff can be confusing and intimidating!

If you have been concerned in the past that you can’t succeed with breaking through that 7 figure barrier, I want you to put those fears to rest, you can do this, you just need the right person to explain it to you.

This is not one of those never ending programs.

There are a lot of fake “gurus”, “coaches”, and “courses” out there that tell you in order to be successful you need to keep paying them more to do so, but they are wrong. They have their own reasons for wanting you to think that, but it’s not true. 


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You are right to feel suspicious!


If you have ever thought that these fakes want you to fail, you are probably right. They don’t benefit from you succeeding. They keep that secret sauce all to themselves because if they gave it to you, you wouldn't need them anymore… The difference with us/me is we want you to succeed. We believe in the power of our network, and the more successful you become, the more successful we all can become. I actually care about your success and truly want to see you living the life of your dreams.


I know you have been dreaming of making $1,000,000.

So that’s what we are here for. I know that you have a dream and truly want to make an impact, and that is what we are here for. I know you are willing to put in as much work as needed to make that dream come true. You are a real hustler.


My Goal:


I want my beginners to get the framework of how you need to set up your offer for your prospects, and how to control their purchasing habits. I want my more advanced business owners to look at your current systems and use my “Catch, Close, and Keep Method” to fine tune your customer’s journey, and build out a system that will help you make your first $1,000,000 months. 


If you own a product based business, you will learn how to sell more products, through increasing your ACV & LTV for every customer. If you own a service based business you will learn how to generate higher quality leads, and build affiliates to increase your Closing Rates, and LTV. 


Join the Dopamine Dealer Course TODAY!

The Big Takeaway:


My goal is to get you to believe that controlling you customer’s journey is the key you need to break that $1MM glass ceiling and see that that “glass ceiling” is actually a glass floor and open your eyes to a whole new world of being a multi million dollar organization, and I am going to give you my “Catch, Close, and Keep Method” to make it simple for you to achieve that result.

This isn’t my first time doing this!

In the past 15+ years I have had an amazing chance to generate 100s of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies, and in the past 3+ years I have been able to help smaller businesses like yours make 10s of millions of dollars. (I will let you figure out which one made me feel more whole on the inside!)

But, it wasn’t always like that. I was just like you. I had to work my way up to this. I can’t tell you how many years it took me to work my way up to learning what I know now. Doing things for free, giving stuff away to make a name for myself, going to countless networking events and hiring coaches… I just wanted a chance to earn a seat at the table, and make a name for myself in my industry. 

I had to learn my lessons the hard way too!


I spent years in the corporate world just kind of rolling with the punches and found myself just barely doing what I had to do to get by. I was in a meeting with yet another manager having the same conversation I had with any other manager or owner before. You know that pep talk where they try to get you to make them more money lol. Well finally it clicked one day, and I am not necessarily sure it was hearing the same talk for the 100th time, or this time after hearing it I went home to my pregnant wife and looked her in the eyes and kissed her stomach knowing that I pretty much half assed my day. 

I mean I was a “top performer” … always in the top percentile of my organizations but.. I wasn’t performing to the best of my abilities, and at that moment after kissing my wifes stomach and telling my unborn daughter I loved her and looking my wife in the eyes it hit me, and I knew I had to do better… 

I had to be MY Top Performer self… 

Now, you may not have a pregnant wife, but I guarantee you, that you can relate with what I just said. 

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You've probably done this before . . .

This isn’t the first time you have watched a training video, attended a workshop, masterclass, webinar or conference, or spent hours online just spinning your wheels and not giving it your all… but one day, the light switch will go off, and you will have the epiphany that I had, and realize it’s time to be 100% of you… be the top performer… and I hope this very moment is it.. 

From that point on, I consumed as much information as I could, and I went on to become the #1 most profit producing employee in every organization I have been a part of since, making 100s of millions of dollars on the corporate side of things, and now 10s of millions of dollars on the independent side of things, and I genuinely hope that I can help you do the same… Because I know for a fact that the Zack Williams I was then, isn’t the same badass Zack Williams I am now, and I NEVER want to go back! 

So I hope you are with me, and let’s do this together! I won’t let you fail. You owe this to yourself. You deserve this. 

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Now you might be thinking “Controlling your customer’s journey sounds cool, but I don’t understand how it can work for me.”

That's ok! 

I am going to show you how using the “Catch, Close, and Keep Method” can increase your ACV & LTV therefore producing higher revenue and profits while lowering your customer acquisition costs. Sounds pretty cool right?

Now I didn’t just always know this. This isn’t information I was just blessed with and born knowing lol. I went a very long time trying to just generate sales on my own, and build rapport and trust with my customers the old fashioned way of just “being myself” right… Well it wasn’t until I forced myself to start reading and studying that I realized that there are in fact psychological triggers that happen in our brains, and dopamine releases when we find things we truly believe in. (kinda like what I am hoping is happening with you now.) That “ah-ha” moment. Once I realized this, and that helping my customers buy from me was actually something good for them, my whole outlook changed. Would it be ok if I showed you how too?


You can do this!


At this point if you are still reading I am sure you are sold on needing to control your customer journey by using the “Catch, Close, and Keep Method” but don’t think you can do it…

Honestly when I first started learning about this, it was very overwhelming for me. I spent an entire year studying customer psychology and how to “control” people ethically. It was when I heard “if you believe in the product or service you’re selling, then you have a moral obligation to try and serve your customers in every way possible.” - by Jay Abraham (one of my mentor’s mentors lol)

That’s when I realized that me offering my opportunities and expertise was in fact, the most honest thing I could do for my customers, and when helping my clients market their products, it allowed me to wholeheartedly show them that providing their products and services to their customers was the most honest thing they could do. This has led to my clients making millions of dollars, and their customers are happier and more satisfied than ever .. 

I would call that a win win win. 

Is that something you think you can do, if I help you step by step? 


It’s easier than you think, I promise!


Now by this point, if you are still paying attention you may think that you can do this, but you still don’t believe that you can actually “control” someone else!

Now again this isn’t some black magic tricks or anything manipulative, because I am 100% not about that. I believe in authenticity and transparency, but it wasn’t until I saw it with my own eyes that it all made sense. After applying this 15 step checklist to mine and all of my clients' marketing strategies, our sales exploded, we started producing millions of dollars, but that’s not the cool part. All of our customers were satisfied, and became raving fans. Our customers started to sell for us, again increasing our revenues and profits with no added expenses. It truly was a win, win, win for everyone. 

I know you have some die hard customers, what would you do if I showed you how to get an unlimited supply of them? 

So what are you waiting for, let’s get you in this Workshop and let me teach you my Catch, Close, and Keep Method NOW!


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Join the Dopamine Dealer Course TODAY!